The afterburn difference

Full Body Assessment

Guided Goal Setting

Ever received information that never turn into anything? Not here! everything we learn in the assessment – we use to set goals to build your body!

Monthly Body Analysis

There is no such thing as set it and forget it. We maintain a consistent analysis schedule so we can reach our goals together!

Personal Accountability

We are not only a guide, but a partner. We see you transform into your goals and we help you push through the times you want to say no.

Nutrition Consulting

Personalized Diet

No diet is one-size fits all. We are all different, and our diet program caters toward your individual dietary needs. All to help you reach your goals faster!

Meal Planning

What is a diet if you cannot consistently maintain it? It is no good. That is why we produce meal plans with you. We even can set-up food services to help you maintain.

Supplement Recommendations

Weather you are looking to gain muscle, loose body fat, or maintain your current form, you will have options for healthy supplements to get you where you need to go.

Team Personal Training

Bootcamp Style Team Training

Our classes are built to introduce teamwork so you can be held accountable to your peers, and so they can help you up when you need help! Teamwork makes the dream work.

Afterburn Methodology

Our training methodology incorporates fast-paced, metabolic, interval training program that shreds fat and builds lean muscle tissue! A proven approach that works!

Guided Coaching

Our classes are limited for you! You will always receive personal coaching in every class. We guide you through all movements and work with you through the workout!

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