Learn the Amazing Jerry’s Story

Coach Jerry

Jerry is one of our certified professional trainers who help our clients achieving their dream and goals. But Jerry started at the same starting point as many of our clients do. He used to be unsatisfied with his lifestyle and body as well and was inspired by his wife (who knew Phil’s son) to join Team Afterburn. In the beginning, Jerry didn’t feel very comfortable with the idea since he thought he didn’t like classes. But after being persuaded by his wife, Jerry decided to join a class at Team Afterburn to try it out and he immediately started to like it a lot!

Jerry’s passion didn’t go away as he started to see results and feel better and better in his body. Although he always struggled to keep the right diet, Phil and Rob (our trainers) pushed and motivated him to be careful with what he was eating. They believed in Jerry and Jerry felt amazingly supported. Since Jerry started, he’s lost 30 pounds! But not only that, Jerry also feels better at his 50s than back at high school. 

Jerry Became the Coach at Team Afterburn

Classes and consultations at Team Afterburn became quickly a part of Jerry’s life. Suddenly, he could run, hike and do many more activities than before which tremendously changed his view on life as well. One day, Jerry’s wife told Jerry to coach at Team Afterburn. To his own surprise, Jerry was warmly accepted by the owner Phil and started coaching in one of the best gyms in the Phoenix metropolitan area.