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Team Afterburn is an Awesome place to workout. The trainers and other clients are fantastic for motivation. Thank you Team Afterburn for making fun to workout.**

- Edwin F.

I lost 25 pounds and I have so much more energy.**

- Kent K.

I cannot say enough great things about Team Afterburn and the trainers here. Each trainer knows your name and truly cares about you and your personal goals/well being. I love the positive vibe, constant encouragement and the "team" feeling you get when you walk in the doors.**

- Erin W.

This review is for all those folks looking for a gym that maximizes time and burning calories. I first came to Team Afterburn from a birthday gift my wife bought me( April 15th 2016). The best part of this gym is the staff and how they work you at where you are at in your fitness level. They continue to work you at your level as your fitness level goes up. This really gets the maximum calories burned each and every visit. I am now at the 4 month mark in my fitness journey and I am still amazed how much Team Afterburn has not only changed my appearance but made me a more positive person. I have really enjoyed the Team Afterburn family as they encourage you along with the amazing trainers. This place will change your opinion on gyms as they always make you feel awesome and push you to get the results that you want.**

- Travis W.

Can not say enough good things about this place. All of the staff here are so friendly and know you by name and are determined to help you achieve your goals. The workouts are fast paced and intense but never too much to handle. They always do a great job at motivating you to do your best and will help at every step of the way. For example today one of the trainers named George helped me to ensure I was doing one of the workouts with the proper form so I would not hurt myself. It's truly incredible and I'm looking forward to achieveing my goals here and getting back the active lifestyle I once had.**

- Kevin G.

I love the variety of the workouts, I never get bored.**

- Lara M

I love everything about Team Afterburn and their approach to fitness and workout routines! The workouts are different each day so it doesn't get boring (if you get tired of the same thing all the time like I do), and I like that they alternate between resistance and cardio. The trainers are friendly, attentive and really encourage you to do your best based on your individual fitness ability. The staff at Team Afterburn is truly focused on you meeting your personal goals and as you get better, they will continue to challenge you in new ways for continuous improvement. The group (Team) environment is also great because there are others, working just as hard as you are, to help motivate and keep you going. It really is a fun team atmosphere with tons of support along the way.**

- Trisha E.

I have been a member of Team Afterburn for roughly 3 months now. It was one of the best decisions I've made in my life! Since joining, I've lost 4% body fat and 27 lbs! The staff all knows everyone by name and they know how hard to push you based on your fitness level and the goals you have set. A monthly assessment measures body fat levels and weight and makes it easy to see your progression. Join Team Afterburn now! I guarantee you'll love it!**

- Darren E.

I can’t say enough AMAZING things about this gym. I bought the groupon to try it out and I was so nervous because I never did any type of exercising, but Phil really got me to realize how important it was that I start doing things to better ME for ME! I have been there a month and half and can’t believe how much I love to work out now, and I feel that I am now being a motivator to my friends and family. Anthony and Eric are so motivating during class and really push you at your own level and help get you to your fitness goals. Even the members of this gym are amazing and everyone really motivates each other. I am spreading the word about this place like wild fire and want everyone to feel this great!! I can’t believe in just a little over a month the results I have!!! Thank you guys for making me a better me and looking forward to the results in the months to come!!**

- Brooke O.

I love being a part of a team, its so fun and motivating.**

- Gemma S

Had an amazing experience with the gym and it's staff. I truly felt accomplished in my workouts and now I feel confident in my ability to achieve my desired body thanks to the staff who were really positive in attitude and truly care about your goals to achieve a slimmer and stronger body. If you haven't tried this gym yet, give it a chance.**

- Mark D.

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