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Success Story Selma
Selma dropped 10 pounds, lost 2% of body fat and gained lean muscle. What a difference adding lean muscle can do to get that shapely athletic body! Awesome job Selma!!
Success Story Ashley
Ashley is down 50 pounds, 11 % body fat, and 29 inches! Now that’s hard work and Ashley proves it can be done. Keep up the good work!
Success Story
Blue got his beach body back!! Lost 17 pounds and shredded 4% of body fat.
Success Stories
Congratulations Lori and Michaela on your amazing transformations! Michaela lost 21 pounds 6% body, 19 inches and Lori went down 7 inches and lost 4% body fat.
Success Story Bernard
Bernard lost 36 pounds and 6% in body-fat since joining Team Afterburn. As the owner and operator of Bigfrog custom T-Shirts his time is valuable, but with hard work and consistence he proved you can run be a business owner and still get in those workouts. Simply amazing dedication, you inspire us Bernard!!
Success Story Kim
What an incredible journey Kim has been on!! Down 35 lbs, 9% bf, and 22 inches, Kim is exactly what we mean when we say we are here to transform bodies and change lives! Incredible work Kim, we are so proud of you!
Success Story Sabrina
Amazing results in just 6 weeks!! Sabrina lost 16 pounds and dropped an astonishing 5% in body fat.