What’s new for September


September Workout Game Plan

For the month of July our muscle group pairings will be Chest/Back and Legs/Shoulders. By switching up the muscle group pairings from month to month, we allow ourselves to avoid complacency and plateauing, hence why the first week of each month leaves us so sore! We also place an emphasis on conditioning ourselves to challenge ourselves to not decrease the weight while we increase  the amount of time our muscles stay under tension.  In September we will Increase  time under tension (two exercises consecutively per muscle group) so  by trying to stay at the same weight will challenge your muscles getting them to grow stronger and with strength comes shape.

New September Exercise Addition!

Keeping with our monthly tradition, we will again be adding new exercises. Each and every month we will bring something new to our classes, which allows us to add to our extensive library of workout options which means not only do we keep things unique and fresh, but we are able to maximize our workout potential instead of getting caught up in the same thing month in and month out! In the month of September we will be adding one  new workout exercise.

Rubber squat hold overhead press pulse.

  • By using Rubber Bands in our workouts we change the acceleration rate of the resistance, this helps confuse the muscles and helps with breaking plates to continue to see results month after month.   By incorporating a squat hold with an overhead press we use more muscles at once, called compound movements and when you add rubber bands to compound movement you really challenge the body.

Today, one of the final days of 2016, is the perfect day to give yourself a clean slate…by cleaning out your kitchen. Take a look through your pantry, fridge, freezer and cupboards. Chances are high that you’ll find unhealthy packaged foods that are not in line with your healthy eating goals. Get rid of it all! Give yourself an advantage by starting 2017 with a wholesome kitchen that’s free from temptations and pitfalls.

Here are a few things to consider when cleaning and considering healthy eating:

  • Need another incentive to shave 100 calories from your daily routine? If you drop 100 calories a day, you’ll lose a pound a month! Inspired now?


  • We can’t say enough about the dangers of refined sugar.Regular sugar consumption will always cause weight gain. In addition to ruining your figure, chronic sugar consumption puts you at risk of numerous health problems.

    When you’re in the habit of taking in sugar everyday it’s hard to quit, but once you’ve broken the habit you won’t give sugar a second thought.

    Whenever your sweet tooth flares up eat a piece of fresh organic fruit.


  • Stock up with healthy items!
    1. Hardboiled eggs
    2. Apples
    3. Beef Jerky
    4. Berries
    5. Homemade kale chips


These are just a few ideas to get you on the right track to healthy eating, but you get the idea: rid the house of the unhealthy and rid yourself of the temptation! All too often we see the hard work in the gym overcome by poor eating habits. Eating right is crucial to our success! Get 2017 off to a good start by leaving those unhealthy foods in 2016!

Do you know what the best part about all of this is? You don’t have to do it yourself! As a member of Team Afterburn your membership includes personalized meal planning! Set up an appointment to get your personalized meal plan today if you’re already a member, or come sit down with us to discuss your future if you aren’t yet part of the Team! In the meantime, check out the success our members have seen at www.teamafterburn.com/testimonials and like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teamafterburn

New January Workout Additions!

At Team Afterburn we are constantly striving to keep the routines fun and fresh by adding new exercises each month! Some of them will be altogether new to our members, while a few will be twists on some of our old favorites! Let’s take a look at the newest additions for January:

  • Dumbbell Overhead Press
    • Previously, we’ve utilized the dumbbell press primarily on chest days when lying on the benches. This month we will be performing the exercise from an upright seated position to really target those shoulders! While in the seated position, you will constantly have the weights no lower than your ears, which will keep constant tension on them and really fatigue them as the workout progresses. As always, it is critical that you pay attention to your coach when they demonstrate how to load and unload weights while on a bench! Resistance days come with the potential for injury if we aren’t keeping safe practices in mind!
  • Alternating Front Raise
    • Again, a new twist on an old favorite! In the past we have done single-arm front raise, but we have yet to incorporate an alternating front raise! This exercise demands a lot from not only our upper body, but our legs as well! In this exercise you will be in a slight squat position, holding a dumbbell in each hand. While maintaining the squat position, you will alternate raising each arm to about shoulder height. The lower you go, the harder it becomes! If you’re dealing with any lower back issues, you can always stagger your stance by bringing one foot back to support yourself more as well. As you can imagine, when done properly this will drive that heart rate through the roof!
  • Curtsy Lunge
    • If you ever thought a curtsy was just a fancy move, guess again! Sticking with resistance, we will again be utilizing dumbbells for this exercise. Similar to a traditional reverse lunch, we will be bringing one leg back, but this time instead of going directly back, we will be going back at an angle and crossing behind the forward leg. As always, we need to make sure that front knee is never leaning over the front foot! We already put enough weight and pressure on our bodies when the workouts are done correctly, we don’t need to add pressure in improper areas as well! When alternating back and forth, we will not only work our legs, but also our glutes in a way we haven’t done in the past!
  • Wheel Hold
    • The wheel hold is going to truly test our core strength! You can think of it almost as a combination of both a plank and a wheel rollout. Typically when we roll out on the wheel, we use our core muscles to roll back to the upright position. This time we will roll out and then hold the out position for the duration of the set. Sticking with the theme this month, what we are doing here is increasing the time under tension for our core muscles!


At the Afterburn studio we were recently talking with a member about the benefits of meal prepping. I think we can all agree that making healthy food isn’t hard, but we all have busy lives and busy schedules and time just simply doesn’t always allow us to do that on a daily basis. That’s where meal prepping comes in! Imagine opening your fridge to find a full week of healthy, delicious food that’s prepped and ready to be eaten? Sure would make sticking with your diet and achieving fat loss a lot easier…

Meal prepping is a fantastic way to keep on track with your eating throughout the entire week.
The idea is to plan out all of your meals on the weekend, most often on Sunday, then do the shopping and the prep at one time for the entire week. This day is labor intensive, but then your food is ready-to-eat for the next 6 full days.
Here’s our 5 Step Meal Prepping Guide to make your next food prep week really simple:
Step One: Planning
Get out your notebook and pen or pull up a blank note page on your iPhone, it’s time to start planning for the week. Here are the questions that you’ll need to answer:

1. How many meals do I need each day?

  • Check your calendar for special events
  • Consider your appetite throughout the day
  • Look at each day separately
  1. How many servings do I need for each meal?
  • Consider who in the family needs which meals
  • Check the calendar for guests or visitors
  • Look at each day separately


Step Two: Recipes
Now it’s time to translate those meals + servings into actual recipes. Take a moment to consider the produce that is in season and any special requests or food allergies.

1. Find your recipes

  • Browse around on your favorite recipe site
  • Pull out your favorite cookbooks
  • Find your family favorite recipes
  1. Focus on a core group of ingredients
  • Plan recipes that use similar ingredients
  1. Calculate leftover meals
  • Making enough of some recipes for leftover meals saves time
  1. Make your list
  • Narrow down to the exact list of recipes


Step Three: Grocery List
Take your list of recipes and create a grocery list. A few things to keep in mind…

1. Pay attention to recipes that you’ll double or triple

  • Make sure to include all ingredients in your list
  1. Organize your list into these convenient sections:
  • Meat/Seafood/Egg
  • Organic Produce
  • Herbs/Flavors
  • Pantry Items
  1. Check your pantry for items that you already have
  • Save money by avoiding double purchases


Step Four: Shopping
It’s time to head to the grocery store! Take your list and, if you’re lucky, a helper down to your local market and go through each section item by item.
Step Five: Food Prep
You have options when it comes to the actual prep of each of your meals. Many you’ll be able to fully make right away and pack in the fridge. Other recipes you’ll want to simply do the chopping, measuring and organizing in order to make the meal hot and quick before you plan to eat it.
Which recipes should you fully cook in advance? The truth is that this is really up to you and your schedule. Here’s a good game plan if you don’t want to fully cook everything on Sunday:

  1. Fully make the baked goods for the week.
  2. Chop all vegetables.
  3. Gather all seasonings.
  4. Fully cook Monday’s dinner.


Getting into the habit of meal prepping for the week is a surefire way to accelerate your fat loss results. It’s our goal at Team Afterburn to help people, just like you, overcome their fear of exercise and clear up their confusion with healthy eating. We know that a healthy life is within your reach – We’ve seen tons of members before you do it, and we’ll see tons more after you do it. Today it’s your turn.
Meal plans, which lead to meal prepping, are part of your membership at Team Afterburn! Come down to the studio and get started today on your journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle. In the meantime, take a look at some of those members that are already seeing the transformation at www.teamafterburn.com/testimonials.

Here’s to a Happy New Year and to getting everything that you want out of 2017 including an awesome new (or continued) fitness program!

In just a couple short weeks you will have a clean slate with a brand new year spread out in front of you, filled with endless possibilities.
How will you harness your potential to create the very best you?
Aside from joining a fitness program, take the following and get all that you want out of 2017:
1. Use Your Imagination
If you thought that imaginations were only valued in preschool, think again. We can all use our imagination to reprogram and manage our self images.
You may have been exposed to self improvement strategies that tell you to ‘act as if’ or to ‘fake it till you make it.’ Those typically don’t work because your self image is still the same.
Self image is the key to changing your actions and habits. If you want to lose 50 pounds, you first have to think of yourself as someone 50 pounds lighter.
Spend time in your imagination. See yourself 50 pounds lighter. Experience a day in your life at this slimmed down size. Imagine everything down to the smallest detail.
This imagination time will begin to change your self image to that of a person 50 pounds lighter, and your actions and habits will fall into place.
2. Reject Negative Thoughts
Negative thoughts will undoubtedly arise as you use your imagination to see your ideal self. “I’m not really going to lose 50 pounds.” “I’ve tried losing weight before and it never works. I’m always going to be overweight.” “This imagination stuff is bogus. It won’t work for me.”
The instant you receive a negative thought simply dismiss it. Don’t spend any time on it at all.
The quicker that you dismiss negative thoughts, the less impact they will have on your self image. Also you’ll find that fewer and fewer negative thoughts arise once you get into the habit of dismissal.
3. Be Nostalgic For The Future
It’s so easy to be nostalgic for the past, especially when you only remember the good stuff. But what good does it do for you to wish for things that are long gone?
Simply put, develop nostalgia for the future!
In your imagination you’ve already lost the 50 pounds, so start pining for the future! Your self image will lock onto that picture and your nostalgic feelings will fuel the fire.
4. I’m The Kind Of Person That…
What kind of person are you?

  • I’m the kind of person that loves sweets.
  • I’m the kind of person that hates exercise.
  • I’m the kind of person that can’t lose weight.



  • I’m the kind of person that eats fresh and healthy food.
  • I’m the kind of person that keeps fit.
  • I’m the kind of person that maintains an ideal body weight.


Your self image will fulfill any label that you put on yourself. The power is all in your hands.
What kind of a person do you want to be in 2017 and what kind of fitness program will get you there?
If losing weight is something you’d like to do this year, then give us a call, check us out online at www.teamafterburn.com or on facebook at www.facebook.com/teamafterburn, or better yet, come down to the studio and try out a class!

Thanks for joining us for part two of our two-part mini-series on common injuries in the gym and ways to prevent them. On Tuesday we discussed those common injuries and today we will dive in to how we can prevent them with the proper routine at your local gym, Team Afterburn

Your 5-Step Injury Prevention Plan

Injuries don’t have to slow you from meeting your fitness goals. The following 5 steps will dramatically reduce your chance of injury and if you do find yourself injured, but have been following these 5 steps, your recovery will be quick and efficient.

Step 1: Stretch

What is more boring than stretching? You want to exercise, not sit around touching your toes—right? Even though it isn’t exciting, stretching is the best way to increase muscle elasticity and durability. Tight muscles are big contributors to strains—remember? Take the time to stretch everyday before and after your workout to stave off injury.

Step 2: Warm Up

Preparing for your workout should not begin and end with putting on your gym clothes. Your muscles need to be coaxed into motion by way of a 10-15 minute warm up in order to prepare them for injury-free use. Cold muscles are less elastic and are therefore more prone to tears.
Step 3: Proper Gear

For most fitness enthusiasts proper gear has everything to do with their shoes. Don’t be fooled—not just any shoe will do. Find shoes that offer support and traction for your exercise of choice, and make sure that they aren’t too tight or too loose. If you are prone to ankle injuries then try a pair of high-tops for extra support.
Step 4: Lifestyle

Stop for a moment and think about your car—if you don’t maintain it with regular tune ups, oil changes and quality fuel then you can’t expect it to perform well on the road. The same applies to your body. Getting healthy amounts of sleep, eating well balanced meals and staying hydrated will all contribute to your performance during exercise. The healthier your lifestyle is the less likely you are to suffer an injury.

Step 5: Condition

This may seem like the most obvious step to injury prevention, but unfortunately it is the most overlooked. People who keep their bodies in top condition by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the least likely to injure themselves. When you head to the local gym and your exercise programs are started and stopped sporadically your muscles are most likely to become injured.

Of course being conditioned also has another great benefit that everyone enjoys – you get to look and feel great! And who doesn’t what that, right?

The ultimate injury prevention plan is to work with us here at Team Afterburn, your local gym! Together we will explore proper technique and will craft a plan for your unique fitness goals.

Don’t wait, check our testimonials out online at www.teamafterburn.com/testimonials or like us on facebook at www.facebook.com/teamafterburn. Better yet, come by the studio, schedule an assessment, and take a class!

Can you relate to this scenario? After putting it off for too long, you commit to get fit—only to find yourself injured the minute you set those fitness goals.

All of a sudden your fitness goals go back on the shelf and you are left to deal with the pain. Whether your injury occurs right off the bat or after years of regular workouts the result is always the same. It is discouraging, painful and downright depressing.
And since studies suggest that up to 38% of all exercisers suffer from an injury each year, it is a subject worth exploring. Today we begin a two-part series beginning with common injuries we experience in the gym, followed up by ways in which we prevent them from happening.
Top 3 Workout Injuries 

The following three ailments occur commonly among active people. Let’s explore the cause of each and then detail your very own injury prevention plan—because let’s face it, you simply don’t have time to spend nursing and injury (and losing all that progress you had made).
1. Strain / Pulled Muscle: occurs when a tendon (connects muscle to bone) or muscle is stretched or torn. If you suffer from a strain you will feel pain and swelling in the muscle belly, or loss of function if the strain occurred in a tendon. Many strains occur as the result of an improper warm-up and insufficient stretching.
2. Sprain: occurs when a ligament (connects bone to bone) is stretched or torn. While this can happen to any ligament in your body, the most common placements of sprains are in the ankle, wrist and knee. Often this injury will happen suddenly as the ligament is stretched beyond its normal limit, usually during a fall or other acute trauma.
3. Low Back Pain: it is said that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives—and the list of causes is as diverse as the sufferers themselves. Here are the main reasons for workout related back pain:


  • Improper form: Similar to bad posture, using improper form while performing weight bearing exercises will leave your back sore and aching. The good news is that once your form is corrected this pain should subside after a healing period.
  • Weak muscles: If you have a desk job then chances are your deep back muscles are inactive and unconditioned. When you start an exercise program, but fail to properly strengthen these muscles, the result is often an aching back.
  • Strained muscles: Not to pick on that desk job, but another result of sitting all day is tight back muscles. When these muscles are not properly warmed up and stretched before exercise begins, muscle strains occur.

Now that we’ve got you conjuring up memories of painful experiences, come back Thursday and we’ll tell you all about the best preventative measures to ensure we are doing our best to keep these injuries from happening again, slowing down our fitness goals, and more importantly keeping us in the gym!


Until then, check our testimonials out online at www.teamafterburn.com/testimonials or like us on facebook at www.facebook.com/teamafterburn. Better yet, come by the studio, schedule an assessment, and take a class!

Are you working towards a specific number on the scale? Or are you hoping to fit into a certain size dress or jeans? While having this goal is great, it will NOT ensure your success. If you’re searching for a gyms near me then you are on the right track. That very act of seeking the next step is the first stage of the momentum!

Think about how many people you know who have had a specific number that they wanted to reach. You are probably one of them. This number might have been posted up on a sticky note on the fridge, reminding you to watch what you eat and consistently make it to the gym. Maybe this number was updated and recorded everyday, to enforce accountability.
How long did that last? A week? Two weeks? Statistics dictate that it likely didn’t last longer than a few weeks until that “goal number” began to fade from your life. Then you took it down off the fridge, or you stared at it defiantly as you reached for the off-limits food. You began to look at your goal number as an adversary rather than something good.

I’m going to clue you in to the ONE AND ONLY lesson that you need to know when it comes to fitness, fat loss, and achieving any goal. Listen up; this one is worthwhile.

This may go against everything you’ve come to believe about achieving a goal, but then, your techniques haven’t exactly been working. The number that you’re hoping to magically be one day doesn’t matter one bit, and here’s why…

Can you remember how it felt the last time that you ate clean, exercised hard and got adequate sleep for a few consecutive days? A feeling of momentum came over you, didn’t it? There was a buzzing in your cells and a rhythm in your pace. You felt alive, you felt sexy, and you felt empowered. Never mind that you weren’t yet at your goal number, you were headed there!
Getting down to your goal weight, and fitting into your goal size, is the direct result of living in that state of momentum for an extended period of time. You see, the momentum can be felt immediately, once you start eating clean, exercising hard and taking care of your health, whereas that “goal number” simply can’t be felt until it is achieved, and so it’s not as powerful a motivator.

Our challenge and advice to you is to find the joy of living in the momentum, and keep that momentum going until your goal number is achieved. Focus only on the momentum, not on the number. When you search for those gyms near me take look at Team Afterburn and realize that we are not only a gym, but a lifestyle and a kick starter for momentum!

Fitness is a way of life. Being lean is a lifestyle. Neither of which can be had by going about it halfheartedly.

You have to become the momentum. You have to find the gyms near me and embrace it!
Visit us today in the studio and we will get your momentum started on the exercise program that will reshape your body once and for all! Until then, check out our amazing testimonials online at www.teamafterburn.com/testimonials to see what’s in store for you!


New December Workout Additions!
Sticking with Team Afterburn’s monthly tradition, we will be unveiling some new exercises in December! Some of them will be altogether new to our members, while a few will be twists on some of our old favorites! Let’s take a look at the newest additions:
1.) Box Toe Touch
 Adding an extra element to the traditional medicine ball toe-touch, the box toe-touch challenges us even more with the need to get our toes even higher, making the exercise even more anaerobic than ever! When we elevate those feet even higher, we will drive that heart rate through the roof!
2.) Runner’s Skip
 The Runner’s Skip is a combination of the reverse lunge and a traditional skipping motion. In this exercise, you will take a big step backward into a reverse lunge, before exploding forward with that back leg into a stationary skip. It’s an exercise that combines both speed and agility, challenging your ability to control your body while asking it to perform multiple movements!
3.) Spiderman Burpee
 A new twist to an old favorite! The Spiderman Burpee starts off like a traditional burpee however instead of both legs kicking back, you will only bring one leg back at a time, then bringing it back up to join the other and finishing the traditional burpee. Alternating from leg to leg will provide you with something you never thought was possible: an even harder burpee!
4.) Elevated Sumo Squat
 When it comes to weights, range of motion is critical! In traditional sumo squat form, you will now be standing on step-up boxes, allowing your squat to go even deeper and maximizing your range of motion. The more range of motion we have, the more we break down those muscles, and of course the harder we work the higher our heart rate jumps!

Fitness classes are a great way to get fit. But what exactly does ‘fit’ mean? Talk to 10 people and you’ll get 10 different opinions on the best way to get fit.

One will tell you to attend an aerobics class. Another will swear by jogging.  Yet another will tell you that dance and biking worked for them.

The truth is that there’s really only one effective way to get fit. 

Before I get into the details, it’s important that we agree on the definition of ‘fit’. Too often thin is mistaken for fit, and that’s not what you should strive for.

When someone is thin, but has very little muscle tissue, they aren’t truly fit.

Here’s why thin doesn’t equal fit:

  • Their body fat percentage will be higher than ideal—even though you won’t see a lot of fat on them, if their muscle percentage is low then fat percentage will be higher.
  • Their resting metabolism will be low, since little muscle is present to burn calories at rest.
  • Their body won’t be functionally strong, which will lead to injuries and frustrations.

So how does one get truly fit? It’s this simple: Strength Training Fitness Classes. 

Strength training fitness classes is when resistance is used to challenge your muscles in order to gain strength and endurance. You could do this with traditional weights, exercise bands, medicine balls, cable machines, sandbags, kettle bells or even just using your own body weight.

  • Regular strength training has the following side effects…
  • Strength and muscle tone
  • Cardiovascular capacity
  • Speed, Agility and Flexibility
  • Resistance to injury and disease

If that’s not enough to convince you that strength training is the only way to truly become fit, then read on…

Top 9 Reasons To Strength Train

1. To Build Muscle and Gain Strength: Don’t worry, ladies. This does NOT mean that you’re going to ‘bulk up’ or look too masculine. What will happen is that your arms, tummy and legs will become tighter, leaner and more defined.

2. To Lose Fat: When it comes to losing size, all that you want to see go is fat, not muscle. Strength training ensures that you maintain and grow those muscles and only lose fat.

3. To Build Strong Bones: The older we get, the more important our bone density is. A good strength training program is one of your best defenses when it comes to osteoporosis.

4. To Alleviate Anxiety, Stress and Depression: Sure there are plenty of pills out there that claim to give these benefits, but you and I both know that strength training is more wholesome and effective way. And besides, who really wants pharmaceutical side effects?

5. To Sleep Better: Here’s another pill you can stop taking once you start strength training. Study after study have proven that strength training improves sleep.

6. To Improve Chronic Back Pain: If you are one of the millions across the globe who suffer from back pain then you’ll love the benefit of lowered pain.

7. To Improve Insulin Sensitivity: Today diabetes is a huge threat. Minimize your risk by improving insulin sensitivity through regular, challenging strength training.

8. To Improve Good to Bad Cholesterol Ratio: Here is yet another pill that you could potentially stop taking while on a strength training routine. Blood pressure and heart health are of utmost concern, so why not give yourself the advantage of a strength training routine?

9. To Raise your Metabolism: This helps to reduce body fat and to keep that body fat off, even on the days that you aren’t able to exercise. Pretty awesome, right?

A solid strength training routine of fitness classes will tone your legs, lift your buns, strengthen your core, and will result in inches and pounds lost.

If you’re ready to begin your body transformation then visit us online at www.teamafterburn.com or find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/teamafterburn to reserve your spot in one of our fitness classes!