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The 1 Week Trial gives you a great insight into what we offer so you can see if this will be something that works for you. The 1 Week Trial comes with the complete in-depth assessment where we get your starting numbers including Body Weight, Body Fat, and Body Measurements.  This way we can track your progress from every aspect.  In the assessment, we determine what you are trying to accomplish and set realistic goals and timelines based on what YOU want.  We will give you very realistic priorities for the month to ensure you are working to your goal.   Priorities can be anything from getting to Team Afterburn two times a week to as much as a full meal plan to follow.  The priorities are based on your level of motivation, what the timelines are for your goals, but mostly what is realistic for YOU!  So what are you waiting for?  Fill out the information needed and we’ll contact you to get your trial started!




Offer Details

  • 6 days a week program
  • Complete In-Depth Assessment

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