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Welcome to the Best Personal Training & Group Fitness Center in Gilbert, AZ

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As Your Key For Loosing Weight

At Team Afterburn we strongly believe that achieving your fitness goals is much easier when you’re surrounded by other people with the same goal and professional personal trainers who are ready to support you during every single fitness class. Also, it’s much more fun!

Unlike many other gyms in Gilbert, AZ, we’re much more than a gym. We provide personal guidance and make sure that your time is used efficiently and you feel great while achieving your goals. Take a look at our real, non-scripted success stories.




meet top certified physical trainers at every class

Phil - Owner and CEO of Team Afterburn


Certified Trainer & Founder

Rob - Certified trainer at Team Afterburn


Certified Trainer

Rob - Certified trainer at the best gym in Gilbert, AZ


Certified Trainer

Jerry - Certified trainer at Team Afterburn


Certified Trainer

Timmy - Certified trainer at Team Afterburn


Certified Trainer



success stories from the Gilbert’s gym

Based on our real client reviews, we proudly say that we’re the most supportive gym in Gilbert, AZ. Thanks to our unique concept of having a completely different workout in each class, we’re able to motivate our clients and get rid of any demotivation which is often a result of overtraining a particular part of your body. The staleness usually occurs, when the same exercises are trained over and over again and specific muscles don’t have enough time for recovery.

According to Statista, losing weight through diet and workouts is the most popular method in the US. However, many people still struggle to achieve any results while working out and adopting a new diet. The problem is that both training and diet must be consulted and prepared with professionals. Furthermore, it is extremely important for people to keep their motivation to train again and again. At Team Afterburn, the most supportive gym in Gilbert, AZ, we specialize in both!



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