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Whats new for May

New May Workout Additions! At Team Afterburn, we are constantly striving to keep the routines fun and fresh by adding new exercises each month! Some of them will be altogether new to our members, while a few will be twists on some of our old favorites! Adding new...

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Whats new for April

April Workout Game Plan For the month of April our muscle group pairings will be shoulders/chest and back/legs. By switching up the muscle group pairings from month to month, we allow ourselves to avoid complacency and plateauing, hence why the first week of each...

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Unhealthy Foods to Avoid | Team Afterburn

We love to talk about and promote the right foods to eat. What about the wrong foods, though? In today’s Afterburn Blog, we’d like to shed a little light on some of the unhealthy foods you should keep out of your kitchen and off of your plates! Take a look at these...

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